Rib Cages 7" cover

In print, $5


LEM-001: Rib Cages 7″ — This is the first release from this band of hand-to-mouth punks from Portland, Or., recorded before they added a Mike Watt-level bass player. These four songs, recorded and mixed over two days by yours truly, run the gamut of the band’s songwriting genius: tracks like “Lock Horns” and “Right On Or Wrong” give the Misfits a run at their own game*, while tracks “In Wilderness” and “Blame It On” exemplify their own brand of “In-the-Red-band-with-hardcore-drummer” madness. Art by Rob Vertigo.

*I might be alone in this opinion, but you know what I’m saying.

Teenage Nightwar 7" cover

In print, $5



LEM-002: Teenage Nightwar 7″ — This Brooklyn band was not around long enough. Just as this record was making its way from the presses to Lemon Session Headquarters, guitarist and band mastermind Kareem moved to Iraq for a year of learning abroad (anthropology major = nerd!). So, these two songs of pure frantic, Dog-Faced-Hermans-loving agit-punk have practically fallen into obscurity, despite the heaping pile of love for the single from the critics (MRR, YellowGreenRed, radio stations all over the nation.) If you love early Wire, the Fall, Gang of Four… do yourself a favor: buy this and fall in love with it like everyone else does. Art by Rob Vertigo.

Terrible Twos 7" cover

In print, $5



LEM-003: Terrible Twos 7″ — A chance email sent off to Detroit’s most underrated band results in me getting to release what some consider their best work (I know I agree with it.) Side A features a perfect example of the rough, spastic Detroit punk that only the Terrible Twos can pull off; side B is the band’s foray in Black Metal, a composition that can honestly be described as “epic.” Art by Rob Vertigo.

Butcher Cover 7" cover

In print, $5



LEM-004: Butcher Cover 7″ — Two of the angriest, craziest record nerds Oakland has ever seen got together with a 4-track, some cheap equipment and a ton of noisy pedals to make the best hardcore recordings of 2010. These four songs first appeared on a limited edition cassette but this is the only vinyl release they appear on. Art by Rob Vertigo.

Steeples 7" cover

In print, $5



LEM-005: Steeples 7″ — This record was five years in the making and recorded by yours truly during a brief period when there was a full band, including a singer that found actual melodies to go along with our strange hardcore hybrid. We were looking to Karp, Poison Idea and the Jesus Lizard for ideas and this is what we came up with. Art by Rob Vertigo.

AKE 7" cover

In print, $5



LEM-006: Aluminum Knot Eye 7″ — It took awhile, not including the several years since their last release, but here it is: a new slab from Wisconsin’s longest running weird punk group. (Dare I say “lo fi?” Nope.) These guys cranked out two tracks in their 4-track studio (technically a 3-track since one of them doesn’t work) and Lemon Session was the lucky recipient. First track is a pitch perfect punk track, the kind that’s so good it pisses off your mom. The second is long, noisy and slow, reminiscent of that moment when the pills kick in while you’re driving after one too many beers.

Also, the most in demand record of the singles club and sadly, only 300 were pressed. Art by Rob Vertigo.

Blowtops 7" cover

In print, $5



LEM-007: Blowtops 7″ — A band so good Jay Reatard (RIP) not only recorded them, he covered them. The first track is a killer from the vault of recordings done by Mr. Ski-Mask for the band’s epochal second album. It’s a wonder why this spark of genius didn’t see the light earlier. The second is a live recording from the second-to-last show, which just happened to be in beautiful Oakland during a wedding reception. Their last release? For now, YES! Art by Rob Vertigo.

Unnatural Helpers 7" cover

In print, $5



LEM-008: Unnatural Helpers 7″ — If you didn’t know, Seattle’s raddest, the Helpers, are the brainchild of one man, drummer/singer Dean Whitmore. Obviously, he’s prolific: two albums and several 7″s are in the band’s discography (and much more are on their way.) Much of the songs come from demos, usually Dean, a drum machine and a 4-track. LEM-008 is the first time these 4-track demos have been featured on vinyl. Five tracks recorded by Dean and old guitarist Mike after the release of the first album, all of which are the only studio recordings of these songs. Described by Kurt Bloch as “kinda the greatest of all-time!” Art by Rob Vertigo.

Bundle of Fags 7" cover

In print, $5



LEM-009: Bundle Of Fags 7″ — Their first single, “Art School Asshole,” is one of my fave KBD-style punk songs of all time, and I jumped at the opportunity to put out their next record. It took awhile, but these two tracks finally showed up in my email and I couldn’t have been happier. This time they went a little power pop, but not the shitty kind that can give you a stomach ache. These two songs are guaranteed to get stuck in your head and bring the party every time. Get nugged! Art by Brian Standeford.

Von Zippers cover

In print, $6.25



LEM-010: Von Zippers 7″ — It’s been quite a few years since anything has been heard from Calgary’s greatest garage rockers the Von Zippers, and that’s their fault — the band was put on hold after their drummer spent a few years in Texas. When he moved back, the band started up right up and even added an organ player. Being equipment geeks, the guys had also set up their own studio by the point and went right to work laying down 20 of their favorite covers with no idea who would be putting it out. Luckily, I know a guy who knows a guy, and it looks like the band will be calling Lemon Session their new home. Art by Tom Bagley

Zulus cover

In print, $6.25



LEM-011: Zulus 7″ — Members of two of my favorite modern-day post-punk bands, Battleship and Teenage Nightwar, have come together to record some of the best noisy, reverb-laiden punk rock to be put to wax in years. No parties to be had here, unless it’s a party where everyone has taken too much acid and just as many downers. For those who love heavy drums and delay on everything. Art by Brian Standeford.

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