Zulus, Von Zippers Ready For Pre-Order

Records on the way, so pre-order now!
Zulus cover

It’s the week after my 31st birthday, so it’s time to get off my ass and start doing something responsible and doesn’t pay.

Though I’ve been side-tracked by big projects at work and baby-making at home, I have finished mixes on the recordings from the SS10 shows. Sadly, I can’t tell you what’s going to happen with them as I’m still in the dark, but you’ll be seeing some posted here soon.

I recently grabbed a decent recording of Raw Nite, which features members of Tractor Sex Fatality and the Lemon Session “Bromeos” known as Butcher Cover. The shit is pretty much ready-to-go, so you should be seeing some songs from their set at the Stork Club up here sooner than later.

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A New Year, A Renewed Momentum

Free at last, at least for nowMy House

Well, it took a while but everyone got their records and I’m finally free of any deadlines for record releases. It’s kind of depressing how lazy I am and how easy it is for me to make promises that would be easy to keep if I could only keep my momentum going after a long week at work. But my love of television and researching cassette recording devices is fucking up my whole work flow. (No wonder I don’t have any friends.)

This time, I’m gonna do what I can to update this site at a regular pace with recordings, videos and a few somewhat-entertaining stories that I might sit down at a computer long enough to write.

Before we get into the first post of the year, take note: all of Lemon Session’s releases are now available for purchase from this very website. Click on the “releases” tab above and go crazy.

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Singles Club Update — I’ve Moved!

Your records are on their wayMy House

I’m a lucky man. I can say that now, not just because I recently bought a house, but because a riot hasn’t started yet over the fact that I’ve been dragging on this month’s singles club records. For those who subscribed to plan #1, your record is on its way — it’s Aluminum Knot Eye’s entry, which features “Same Old Greasetrap,” the most downloaded song on the Lemon Session Sampler (available here.)

As for the Steeples 7", it’s been delayed — it needs to be re-plated, which will hopefully happen soon. I’ll probably be sending off the Blowtops record before the Steeples stuff is ready to go.

I should add that around the same time I bought the house, I was promoted at work, which means more money to sink into this label! Nothing like blowing thousands of dollars on thousands of records that will probably end up sitting in my moldy attic for the next 20 years — that is, until I chuck them into a landfill to triple their worth. (The ol’ “Man’s Ruin” scheme….)

And yes, I know I probably should be waiting until AFTER the rest of the singles club and Bundle of Fags singles are out to be talking about even newer stuff in the queue, but hey, I actually have the tracks and so I’m going to let my mouth start writing checks.

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Rib Cages LIVE! (On ‘The World Is A Drag’)

Slowly but surely, this empire will growRib Cages

Finally, all the free records I’ve been sending out to radio stations, publications and other label owners have paid off (sort-of): Lemon Session has made quite a media splash.

A quick Google search show the label name popping up in radio playlists all over the nation, including KDVS (Davis, CA), WUSB (Stony Brook, NY) and KEXP (Seattle, WA). One DJ named Jared who has a show called “What We Do Is Secret” (Tuesdays from 10:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. on KRCL in Salt Lake City, UT) even wrote a great article about the first four releases on the club.

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Singles Club UPDATE: Smaller Pressings!

Plus bonus Intelligence video!Bundle Of Fags cover

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do this, but it just has to happen: The next 4 singles in the club (AKE, Steeples, Unnatural Helpers, Blowtops) will have smaller pressings; instead of pressing 600 of each, I will only press 300.

I want to put out more records and pressing 600 of each record is making that more difficult by being so expensive, as well as taking up the little room I have in my apartment. At some point I’d like to press all the records at amounts that don’t make them so “exclusive,” but at this point it’s just not possible.

I’m also going to shore up the number of possible subscriptions, from 475 to 210, so if you haven’t subscribed yet, you should do so now. I’m guessing that since we’re already close to reaching 210 that it won’t be long until I’m announcing that there are no more subscriptions.

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The Unveiling: Lemon Session Singles Club 2010

The moment a few of you have been waiting for.Lemon Session logo

From this idea’s inception it took me 11 months to get to this point. Personally, I don’t think that’s too long of a time to get eight records ready to sell, but if it is, I would love to know.

In theory it shouldn’t be that hard to send a CDR to someone in a different part of the country and have them turn it into a record. Yet it is, because:

A. You actually have to talk to two or three people;
B. You have to have the grip of money that’s required to be sent with it.

Oh, and one quick note: I’m doing this so I can start a label and put out more records you’d want. So, to make yourself feel better when you’re buying this, you can tell yourself you’re helping start a non-profit.

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