Dave Holmes (The Fallouts) Vs. Susan Powter

Not in some kind of death match; just friendly, on-air conversation.

Dave Holmes vs. Susan Powter

It took a lot longer than I wanted to to finish this post, but the wait was worth it. My friends, this post is going to be THEE blog post that introduces to the entire Internet world the Dave Holmes vs. Susan Powter cassette.

My not-yet wife Lily introduced me to this tape when we first started dating, quoting it like others quote South Park. It was a traded treasure, like the Metallica Drummer video, but for some strange reason it never got the attention it deserved.

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The Definitive History of the Ninja Boners, Pt.1

Beer, pot, chicks and porno flicks

Kevin Jones

On the eastside of Washington, where the trees die off and the world turns flat and brown, lie the Tri-Cities: Richland, Kennewick and Pasco. Each city is fairly small — their populations never exceed 40,000 — and they lie in the middle of nowhere, an hour away from Yakima and two hours away from Spokane.

Richland is where America produced most of its nuclear bombs, at the Hanford Nuclear Facility, and now much of the economy depends on the cleaning up of the site’s hazardous waste.

Richland also has a vibrant music scene, which produced notable musicians Nate Mendell of the Foo Fighters and glam rock band Loudermilk, who once toured with Motley Crue. In recent years, residents started a permanent music venue, which serves as a tour stop for semi-famous bands like Vendetta Red and These Arms Are Snakes.

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