Raw Nite @ the Stork, Oakland, 9/13/2011

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Raw Nite live

As if life wanted to send me a message it knew I would ignore, I’m sad to report that my recording equipment has blown up.

My 16-track set up bit the dust during the Friday night of Budget Rock 10, so not only am I temporarily unable to use it, the last bands I attempted to record with it were Personal & the Pizzas, the re-united Statics, and the almighty Rip Offs, who played one of the most amazing sets I’ve ever witnessed. Yet none of what I captured will ever see the light of day because it all sounds like complete shit, and not the good kind (AKA “lo-fi”), but digital garbage.

It looks my equipment is repairable but it’s going to take awhile and require money I don’t have, now that I have a baby on the way as well as two new releases out Lemon Session (Von Zippers and Zulus). So, if you’ve been holding out on buying records from me but come to this site for the free downloads, please consider buying some records. You won’t be sorry if you do since they’re all rad.

Now onto what this post was supposed to be about: my recent recordings (pre-blow up) of Raw Nite.

Raw Nite is the newest project to feature the vocal-stylings of Rob Vertigo, the Bay Area’s favorite record store employee. Providing the musical platform for him are two dudes from Vertigo’s other bands: John Laux from Tractor Sex Fatality on guitar and Kyle Runyon from Butcher Cover on drums. As you can tell from the tracks, the band takes the aesthetic of Butcher Cover’s simplified, lo-fi hardcore and applies to ’90s’ noise rock a la Pussy Galore and Soul Crusher-era White Zombie. Yes, it’s that good.

Provided for your enjoyment is a mix of studio and live tracks. The live tracks were from their second show ever, which was at the Stork, and consists of a board recording melded with what was captured on my shitty handheld recorder. The studio tracks come from a recent recording I produced in my garage before it was gutted, where I used a Tascam 388 for the basic tracks and a 6-track cassette recorder for mixdown and overdubs.

Get ready to have your face melted off.

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    John n Rob killing it again!!!But i still luv me sum Butcher Cover!!They ever coming out of Hibernation..I got a Stork Club show on MD from BC when AC Way opened up n slicing grandpa headlined..I also have BC’s 7″ n LP..Plus i got to play in Slicing Grandpa a handfull of times Kev.The Samhain Cover show was a blast for last years halloween,or was it 2 years now…who know’s time fly’s
    Jim Katatonic

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