Liquorball, SS10, Live @ BOTH 5/20/2011

So so much in store for 2011Liquorball

If you haven’t noticed (and you probably haven’t), it’s been a long time since the last post; almost two months. But there have been good reasons for this, as I have not only been SUPER busy with the label, but I’ve actually been planning out upcoming posts.

The next two Lemon Session releases — Von Zippers and Zulus (ex-Battleship, Teenage Nightwar) — are on their way to the presses, so expect them to be available for purchase in about a month. Not only are the tracks on both records KILLER, but they will feature color sleeves that will be way too expensive for me. Of course, starting a record label is a bad financial decision, so there’s no reason for me to become thrifty all of a sudden.

This week’s post is the first in a series consisting of my recordings from the SS Records 10th Anniversary shows. Thanks to my good friend, recording genius Russ Arteaga, we have every set recorded…WELL. And what better way to show off our collaborative recording skills than with a excerpt from Liquorball’s ripping set.

For those of you not in the know, Liquorball is the recently reformed psych band featuring Monoshock’s lead shredder, Grady Runyon. The band, which existed in tandem with Monoshock, was the latter’s crazier, attention-deficient cousin that shared the same roots (motherfuckin’ Hawkwind!) but stayed away from actual song structure. In the words of Julian Cope, the mastermind behind the ’80s hit “World Shut Your Mouth”- “This band was one hoity-toity beast,” whose albums were “psychically dangerous to own.”

Indecipherable descriptions aside, the band shreds just as much as they did almost 20 years ago. This set consisted of two songs… I think? All I know for sure is that the best place to stand was in front of Grady, the drummer was a machine, and the bass was the loudest instrument I’ve ever recorded.

Below is an excerpt from their set.

PSYes, I know that the slideshow to the right of this sentence includes pics of bands other than Liquorball. I just made a slideshow for the entire night. And yes, I have great recordings of all these bands and they’ll all be posted soon.

Right click on the player and choose “Download Document” to download this song.

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