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Well, it took a while but everyone got their records and I’m finally free of any deadlines for record releases. It’s kind of depressing how lazy I am and how easy it is for me to make promises that would be easy to keep if I could only keep my momentum going after a long week at work. But my love of television and researching cassette recording devices is fucking up my whole work flow. (No wonder I don’t have any friends.)

This time, I’m gonna do what I can to update this site at a regular pace with recordings, videos and a few somewhat-entertaining stories that I might sit down at a computer long enough to write.

Before we get into the first post of the year, take note: all of Lemon Session’s releases are now available for purchase from this very website. Click on the “releases” tab above and go crazy.

This week’s post is a live set from the Hospitals, the third version of the band with guitarist Chris Gunn.

I recorded this at Rob and Bonnie’s wedding in 2009 (same show as the Blowtops recordings) and while mixing it at home, I realized I wanted to start a label — but only if I could put this out. Songs like “Scan The Floor For Food” and “Getting Out Of Bed” sounded like top ten hits to me. It didn’t help that Rob had sold me on the idea of a singles club being an easy, fool-proof way to start a profitable music label just days before. (Surprisingly, I couldn’t convince him to join in the cause, though he did agree to help me round up bands.)

That next day at my shitty job I emailed Chris and pitched him an idea of doing a live whatever — EP, LP, whatever they were willing to do just as long as I could include those recordings. A few days later Chris wrote back and said the band was interested.

Fast forward a few months — I’m rounding up the bands, and have already signed up Rib Cages, Blowtops, Teenage Nightwar for the club, though I don’t have their recordings. The entire time I’m thinking that no matter who I sign up for the club, at least I have the Hospitals stuff ready to go and I know I’ll be proud of releasing that.

And then of course this email shows up:

The Hospitals are broken up. If you want to put those live recordings out you’ll have to talk to Adam. I’m out. I do appreciate your tenacity and enthusiasm but I doubt that anything will happen. Adam just likes to have control of what comes out and all of that shit.

Anyways, I am taking a much needed complete break from music so I won’t need any live recordings anytime soon.

I hope that your label goes well man.


What was sadder?: the fact that the record wasn’t going to come out or Gunn taking a break from music (if you’re a Hunches fan, you know the answer.)

Around that time I had heard talk of the Hospitals putting out a live tape but I have no idea whether this is the stuff on it. For me, this ties with “Islands of Jocks and Jazz” as my favorite Hospitals recordings (though I would kill for that first 7″…)

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