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Musk back in the day

I guess I should tell you about stuff

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I last posted

Well all that talk about keeping this going was apparently a load of bullshit, as it’s been an entire year since my last post. I’m just as surprised as you — no, really — because I did a bunch of work on the label and never did anything with it… until NOW!

First off, if you haven’t seen the new tape reviews on Terminal Boredom, why are you here? I have sadly neglected to send out any of these things to any publications and that’s a total failure on my part. Both the Raw Nite and Musk tapes are amazing and you should not only listen to them on our Bandcamp site (this is a link) but them there as well.


Monoshock. Photo: Icki

Monoshock @ the Hemlock, San Francisco, 7/14/2012

Holy shit it has been a long time since I’ve even looked at my website. I want to say it’s been over a year and a half, but I’m too lazy to do the math.

Laziness isn’t in my nature — the reason I came down with a severe case of it was the new addition to my family, little Matilda Mae. She’s wonderful but as any father will tell you, being a dad is exhausting. Juggling fatherhood, a full-time job and three musical projects is enough to suck all the motivation and desire to keep this site up to snuff.


Raw Nite playing live at the Parkside

Raw Nite @ the Stork, Oakland, 9/13/2011

If you like what you download here, please buy records

As if life wanted to send me a message it knew I would ignore, I’m sad to report that my recording equipment has blown up.

My 16-track set up bit the dust during the Friday night of Budget Rock 10, so not only am I temporarily unable to use it, the last bands I attempted to record with it were Personal & the Pizzas, the re-united Statics, and the almighty Rip Offs, who played one of the most amazing sets I’ve ever witnessed. Yet none of what I captured will ever see the light of day because it all sounds like complete shit, and not the good kind (AKA “lo-fi”), but digital garbage.


Mark Murrman and Gene Bae of Little Queenie (Photo by Kevin L. Jones)

Little Queenie @ the Stork, Oakland, 3/5/2011

Can you die from exhaustion?

It’s stupid how long it’s taken me to finally post this. A month ago I was so busy that I had to wait until I took a vacation to get back to this blog. But then after I mixed the tracks and wrote the majority of the post, I basically forgot to publish it for two weeks. It was dumb – I’d remember it early in my day, usually when I was nowhere near a computer; and then by the time I could’ve finished the post, I’d drink a bunch of beers and watch several episodes of “Storage Wars” instead.

Though work has sucked up the majority of my time and energy, label stuff has also been a part of why I’ve been so busy – mixing recordings for possible releases, getting everything squared away with the next two singles and even buying more equipment for live recording. So expect more content, both free and for purchase.


Cheap Time at the Hemlock

Cheap Time @ the Hemlock S.F., 3/10/2011

Slow recovery means perfection

The days of Percocets and popsicles are over. After two weeks of sitting around my house in sweatpants, pulling inch-long chunks of dried blood from my nose, I am back to sitting on my computer all day, pretending I’m a recording “professional.” Hopefully all the pain and sacrifice will mean better sleep, as the procedures I underwent were solutions to my horrible sleep apnea (now you don’t have to ask “what did you get done?”)


The Homostupids at the Stork Club

Homostupids @ The Stork, Oakland CA, 3/5/2011

Finance my habitual promise making!

Hey, great seeing you again! Thanks so much for coming by and grabbing some free stuff. This post is a real treat for those who love lo-fi live recordings of crazy punk bands — if it were the 90s, you’d be trading this shit on cassette.

But before you go running off to download the free songs posted below, make sure you take a second and check out the releases page. We got records in the can, ready to go and the only thing that’s stopping us is the money part. All that I ask is that if you like what you see and hear here, buy some records.


Hank IV, Live @ Hemlock, 5/24/2010

Well, there went the momentumHank IV

Jesus christ where the hell does the time go?! And WHERE THE HELL ARE MY PRIORITIES?!!! When I should’ve been posting sweet live recordings *cough* and news about all the amazing shit going on at my label, I wasted my time looking at eBay for crap and listening to podcasts. (Disclaimer: listening to the Best Show On WFMU is not a waste of time. Exhibit A Click and hear.*)

To be honest, I’ve actually been working hard on future posts, in the hope of cranking out at least one a week for at least a few upcoming weeks, but we’ll see — being that I have no attention span whatsoever, any kind of regularity to this is something worth celebrating.

This week: a 2010 recording of SF’s oldest teenagers, Hank IV.


Sex Church, Live In Oakland! 10/16/2010

Keeping up the momentum, kind ofSex Church

Well, I missed the weekly deadline I gave myself, but at least I made the second week! Yep, I’m staying alive and moving along, lining up a bunch more recordings to give away for free. Just last week I captured both Little Queenie and the almighty HOMOSTUPIDS, which I should be getting up sooner rather than later. (Sadly, my recording device corrupted the amazing 1/2-hour set from Butcher Cover and its proving to be impossible to salvage.)

By the way, thanks to everybody who started buying up singles from the Lemon Session Singles Club 2010 once they were made available for individual purchase. Note to all interested — the Aluminum Knot Eye records are being bought up a few at a time, so make sure to buy one before they’re gone.

This week’s free download? A live Sex Church recording from October 2010.