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Bainbridge Island Punk Rock! Pt.2 – Pud

Yeah, ha ha, their name is Pud.

Punk As Krunk cover

This, right here, is one of the reasons I started this blog. When I first thought this thing up, I would tell myself, “…and I’ll get to post about Pud!” Really; it was one of those things I just daydreamed about.

When talking about Bainbridge Island punk rock bands, the locals would think it more prudent to talk about bands like the Rickets or March of Crimes. But seriously, fuck them; I want to talk about Pud.

About the end of 1994, I was told by some school friends of mine that the Rickets were breaking up and were planning a “last show.” in Seattle.

I was 14 at the time, about the age I first began considering myself a punk. (Yes, I let it be known that I endorsed the idea of wearing t-shirts and jeans everyday, and also appreciated loud, abrasive music.) The Rickets were one of the first bands to convince me that I too could play loud, fast music, and could start doing so as soon as my parents bought me an instrument. They were an ironically large influence on my life even after my dad tried to ban them from my house, which is why, when living in the Tri-Cities, I would have to turn down a seat in my friend’s car and miss out on my favorite band’s last show.

When I saw my friend at school the Monday following the show, he didn’t say much about it, just that “Pud was better than the Rickets.” Are you kidding me? It was the Rickets last show! And a band named Pud was better?

Soon afterward, I sent off a letter to the bassist of the Rickets (we were pen pals) asking for contact info for Pud and about six to eight weeks later I received in his response an address for “Lucky Eddie.” Sent this “Lucky Eddie” four bucks and an SASE, and soon after moving to a new house, I received the “Breakout” demo tape.

Imagine receiving a random demo tape with a convict holding a cop hostage on the cover, popping the tape into your Walkman and hearing this:

Yes, it did change my life.

Kevin L. Jones

One of these days I'm going to get good at this writing thing.

3 thoughts on “Bainbridge Island Punk Rock! Pt.2 – Pud

  1. I’m sorry we never showed up to the Richland show. We ended up sleeping on the floor of a mission in Yakima! Too bad about that. I can’t believe you’ve posted this stuff from the demos. You make me feel old!

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