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Times New Viking & The Hunches, Eagles Lodge (Portland, OR), 8/4/07

Yes, this show happened, and it was pretty good

Who here first saw Times New Viking after hearing “Dig Yourself” and thought “Thank God they delivered!” I bought my wife “Dig” when it first came out for a Christmas present and by God I had to suppress the urge to steal their riffs because they were that good, goddamn it (though I couldn’t help thinking that “Skull Vs. Wizard” was just a new take on songs like “Santa Monica” by Everclear and “My Own Worst Enemy” by Lit.) “Presents the Paisley Reich” took some getting used to, but it was the last thing I listened to before I got married and listening to “Hiding in Machines” really did make everything look like it was going to be alright… (you would need to know the back story for that shit.)

I knew I was traveling to Seattle that week they were touring but I made arrangements with some great friends to go straight to Portland so we could catch their show with the Hunches. Sure, we couldve flown directly to Portland, but adding a road trip to the ordeal made it more exciting.

I would’ve enjoyed TNV more if I didn’t have so many technical difficulties with my recorder — borrowed from UC Berkeley, it was set to record MP3s using the internal mics, which meant I was going to get shit sound until I adjusted it. Strangely enough, it sounds just as good as TMV’s albums, so I’m not that embarrassed.

The Hunches headlined.

I remember the first time I saw the Hunches (imagine me on a wooden porch and you’re sitting cross-legged in front of me). They were this unknown band that seemed to be playing the “rock and roll punk”-thing when it had already gone out of style; any band that released something on Junk Records seemed to sum up the numerous amount of crap bands that toured through Seattle.

Yet I couldn’t help but get into the Hunches. The guitarist went ape shit the entire time and the singer, when he got really screaming, sounded just like Tomata du Plenty. With their two LP’s, they proved they weren’t like the other “punk rawk” bands that made me never want to listen to the Heartbreakers or the MC5 ever again. They were a hell of a lot noisier, but that may be partly due to the fact both albums, “Yes.No. Shut It.” and “Hobo Sunrise,” were recorded at the Distillery in Costa Mesa, CA, a studio with a reputation for bringing the noise (Lightning Bolt and Le Shok are just two examples of the noisy bands that recorded there.)

At this show, the band still brought the same energy, except it sounded like they hadn’t practiced much before the show. They gave us a set with a bunch of new songs, including one, “Your Sick Blooms,” that singer Hart needed a lyric sheet for. When I got the guitarist Chris to sign the release form, he didn’t seem very pleased with the set and didn’t give me any information so I could send him a copy of the show. Too bad; I think the recording came out great.

According to their MySpace page, these are the Hunches’ last days; they’re recording one more album and maybe doing a West Coast tour. Maybe it’s for the best, since they’ll be quitting while still at the top of their game.

Kevin L. Jones

One of these days I'm going to get good at this writing thing.

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